Commercial and Business Law

All Australian businesses will at one point or another, require the services of an experienced solicitor. Each business is different with unique opportunities and challenges.

Partnering with a trusted solicitor allows you to capitalise on the opportunities and mitigate the challenges as they arise. Solutions Law can guide you through any stage of your business, from initial start-up to succession planning and exit strategy.

Solutions Law - Commercial and Business Law

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Business Advice

The requirement for sound business advice can come at any stage of a business. Whether it is business expansion, diversification, acquisition or exit planning, each has its own set of legal considerations. Equipping yourself to understand the laws surrounding your business leads to favourable results. Risk mitigation plays an important role in any business and is commonly taken care of by your solicitor. Your solicitor ensures appropriate levels of protection are in place to allow your business to function as required.  

Setting up a business with a lawyer

Business Structures

Choosing the appropriate business structure to use depends on many factors and should be done correctly from the beginning. Your solicitor will consider how you want to run your business, its size and the primary function. Anticipating how your business needs may evolve and how that affects your chosen structure will be identified. The most common structures are:

The structure you choose needs to work for you, not against you. Each option has varied set up costs, tax implications and abilities to protect assets. Your solicitor will explain which structure is appropriate for your specific set of circumstances.

Business Contracts

The need for contracts between yourself, suppliers, customers and partners etc. is common. Solutions Law provide services in the negotiation, drafting and examination of contracts:

Solutions Law - Business Contract
Solutions Law - Employment Contract

Employee contracts

Taking on new employees and managing existing staff is a daily challenge for many businesses. Depending on your perspective, they are either your greatest asset or expense, and not just from an accounting perspective. With appropriate legal advice you will be confident in navigating:

A well prepared contract protects all parties and clearly outlines responsibilities and obligations.  

Australian Consumer Law

Today’s consumers are arguably at the forefront of understanding of their rights. New delivery methods seem to give rise to industries almost overnight and government agencies are making attempts to protect consumers as proactively as possible. 

Solutions Law can advise you on how to stay up-to-date with:


Significant financial penalties exist for breaches of Australian Consumer Law and vary for individuals and organisations.

Individuals can face fines of up to $500,000.00.

For corporations, the greater of $10,000,000.00, or three times the value of the benefit, or 10% of annual tuner over in the preceding 12 months trade if the Court is unable to determine the benefit obtained. 


Privacy Policies

Under the Privacy Act 1988, Australian businesses with annual turnover of over $3 million are required to have a privacy policy in place. Although many businesses will have a lower turnover, many industries consider it ‘best practice’ to have a privacy policy. It allows you to understand how your business collects and stores data and identify potential risks. You gain valuable insight on internal processes while demonstrating you care about protecting sensitive data. 

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has a handy checklist to see if you are required by law to have a privacy policy.

Solutions Law - Privacy Policy

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